Hmm…a Columbus Day Delight! Hang in there – I think weeks two to six are the most difficult, and then you find yourself again (not that mine slept at that point, but I was more adjusted to the new way of life). I normally macerate but I am going to up my apple amount and I already went to the farmers market and bought mutsu apples. Jacob just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Thanks for being the person who I trust to shrug off tradition (but only when it works) in the name of discovering something more perfect. Like from the fridge, even? Out with the butter and using Cocnut oil instead. This is a keeper recipe :). He is darling and I love watching him grow. Me: “Deb told me to do it.” Just had a piece for breakfast. The bottom of my pie was not as done as the top but no one minded. and I also let it cook too long and it got apple-saucy. Definitely best with a heathful dollop of plain yogurt. That sounds delicious.. think I’ll make this tonight and nibble on it for breakfast for the rest of the week instead of going hungry and gorging on crap for lunch, as is my awful habit lately. I really want to make this, but I’m allergic to coconut. I assume I could leave the nuts out entirely? My problem was the bottom crust – it came out soggy even though I baked the pie for almost 85 minutes (at 75 there was still some give in the apples). I did not add any sugar. this was delicious! In a medium saucepan, melt the butter with the honey. Followed the recipe as written. I love Mutsus for apple pie! This looks delicious. I have greatly appreciated your humorous mom-oriented comments and get a great laugh out of them and the ability to totally understand. I should probably just add some ice cream and forget all the things I just said. Thanks for another great recipe! I’m fixated on granola and eggy th… I poured most of my back over the apples before I added the lattice. Them’s a LOT of apples..even if it has plenty of thickener! I’ve been following your website for a while and occasionally daring to try some of your recipes (the simplest ones), and now that I’m living in China where no one really believes in baking (they don’t even know what tin foil or peanut butter are in my town), I was wondering if there are any dessert recipes you can think of that don’t require an oven. Maskes a deliciously bright pie. Congrats on your sweet little boy! Thanks for sharing your recipe for this delectable breakfast treat. Two didn’t stick, the last one is stuck in places, but comes out cleanly once the first slice is out and you can loosen the pie with a thin spatula. Works about right. They were soft, yet not mushy at all! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My filling was perfectly set, by the way, even with all those juice and the bottom crust was as crisp as the top. I’m just wondering how long this will keep in the fridge & if you can freeze it? The marzipan melts into a lovely gooey, sticky sauce. because you are saying (and I needed to hear this today) – it’s going to be ok, don’t sweat the small stuff, cook and enjoy it, it’s going to be Delicious! Also, the pressure cooker is my new best friend! Oh…my son will LOVE this! Pour any juices that have accumulated carefully over apples; do not leave any behind. Cheers to delicious fall desserts! Deb, what do you say to dotting the apples with butter prior to topping with the crust? Phew!!! ), Bless y’all! I subbed butter with liquid coconut oil and honey with maple syrup to make it vegan. Is there a decent substitute for the coconut? Perfection. Often I don’t have one as they’re not cheap here in FL believe it or not. I froze a ton of apples earlier in the fall (peeled, cored and sliced, and mixed with a little sugar) and I’d love to use them up by making this recipe. 😢, I read your comment before making this and I still did the same thing. Both times half the juice ran out when the first piece was cut. :), Glad it was a hit. I’ve been on a major Apple kick lately and slid this in the oven around midnight the other night after I convinced my 7 month old with fomo to go to sleep. Salt My mom use to lightly steam her apples just for a couple of minutes to remove some of the moisture so that there would be less shrinkage when cooked. We use the “Foolproof Pie Dough” that has shortening + unsalted butter + vodka! Mar 20, 2020 - As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day. Oh, he is just too cute! Thank you for sharing him with us. But next time I might peek in around 35/40 minutes, just in case. Mine’s a bit older than yours but that sleep thing’s still hit or miss. Up before dawn sorting my apples, and just gathering my thoughts before diving in. I’ve been so nervous to do this and have read lots of recipes to get myself confident enough to try. Often-times lurker, first-time poster. So, same recipe, changed methods, I actually placed the pie pan (deep dish soapstone) in the oven for 25 minutes to preheat. I have to say, your blog posts feel like gathering around the fire – more about sharing and less about just plain eating. I guess it’s good there are banana breads, zucchini breads, and your whole wheat apple muffins in the freezer too. I bought this wonderful little doo-hickey contraption that peels the apples for me! I use this for all my pies and you don’t taste the jam but it ensures no soggy bottom. I made this yesterday and while it is yummy, it didn’t become bubbly there was no liquid. I too am constantly on a quest to discover yogurt toppers… My latest fave is your salted butter caramel (which is awesome, and easy) with roasted mixed nuts on top of thick Greek yogurt. I merely did what we always do in October: go apple picking, balk at the price of a bag, insist upon filling it way past the brim (because: economics) and then we ate some apples on the way home home and the bag was still overflowing. Then the text below can say if you would like it more browned leave the foil off for the last 10 minutes or more. So excited to try it!! Refrigerate dish and dough until needed. Looks similar to a recipe I made a week or so ago, only I used brown sugar rather than honey. Also, what would you do if there were people Hard to believe it could get better! The solution that I’ve found is to use regular old flour, but, before adding the flour, toast it until brown. I’ll write in to let everyone know how it goes with the change of fruit! I accidentally sliced the apples too thin (3 mm), but they kept intact! I will definitely be trying it out. I love the flavor of caramel apples, but miss the crackle. Especially now that fall is here what a nice selection at the market. As the laziest baker/cook/should be banned from reading food blogs, would it be possible to open a box of Cascadian Farms granola and use that instead? I let it cool for 6 hours and that seemed reasonable but now I think it wasn’t enough. PS – I love your tip about leaving the edges out so you can tell how done it is! I will use this technique for all baked apple desserts (galettes, tarts, crumbles, turnovers, pies). Made today to take to a New Year’s Day dinner. Love love love the picture of the little guy, and I can’t wait to make this dish! Both ways it is incredible. breakfast apple granola crisp As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day. Just scrumptious! I couldn’t count the number of apple pies I’ve made – and I still like to try new methods. Your email address will not be published. I have no idea whether science would say that mattered, but it did to her, so for all intents and purposes, it mattered. The crust turns out well every time and the filling is spiced beautifully. Best. One of my favorite things is a crisp. Take good care. The apples are still cooling, but based on cooled droplets of the coating, they’ll be crackly candy apples, without caramel flavor. I would be so so grateful for advice! For now I’ll have to try out this recipe to supply some food for my new 6am coffee-baby-feeding routine :). Here's our honest review. He’s a cutie! And would you fully defrost it first and then bake the same way or do something different? I will definitely try this with some apples my Mom gave me from a neighbor’s tree. Just curious, how many carbs would a 1/6 slice of this incredible apple pie be? I’m making this (and the pecan pie, and black bottom oatmeal and pumpkin for just 5 of us because we are in a pandemic and this is apparently how I cope), and I cannot thank you enough for the temperature. You definitely need to cover the top with foil though or it’ll get too brown. And too early, sigh. Followed the instructions for the most part (only had to leave out the coconut (none in the house), but I should have paid more attention to the comments about the browning/burning. May 2, 2020 - This is pretty much October on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Happy Thanksgiving! This crisp is supposed to be the fall answer to my beloved breakfast apricot crisp. Hi Deb, just made this and it came out fantastic, I’m eating it warm with cold yogurt… at 10 pm, but hey, it’s good. I survived, and it passed. My oven is really junky so it could be anything though…). I am generally leery of apple pies (which is the reason this is the first apple pie I ever made), and this was perfect. Congrats on the baby! But all are already fully baked. [WAAAH.]. The baby is so beautiful. Crispins… same apple. bottom crust: sadly uncooked. Thank you, Deb!!! A new fall staple for sure. However, I was a little disappointed at how the granola didn’t crisp up for me. You just have to accept your pie might not be the most beautiful! Do you think this would generally work as a slab pie? I’ve been googling it and can only find recipes for pecan pies where they seem to have swapped sugar for malt syrup. What kind of perforated pie pan do you use? I know you’ve heard it thousands of times–literally– but I’m sure you don’t get sick of it. Thanksgiving this year felt daunting and sad without the ability to be with our families. GOOD! Choices: dried orange rind flakes, or orange juice or vanilla? After reading many comments saying that there was a large gap between the top crust and the apples, I made sure to really pack the apples in and gently push them together so there were no hidden pockets – I think if you just dump them in without packing them you will have the gapping problem. Who knows? Very, very cute. I make it for Thanksgiving dessert since we have a gluten free person in the family and crisps are easy to … Looks wonderful I am making it tonight for Easter Brunch with the kids. Thanks so much! Good on you for saving us from the whining about sleepless nights. Too long? I know it’s not a problem for the pie crust to be made the day before baking, but what do you think about letting the apples macerate in the fridge overnight? this was really really good – thank you! I followed this recipe yesterday to make my first ever pie, practicing for thanksgiving. Hopefully, they’ll come over to my side eventually! :). Also making your onion soup recipe later today. Article from What kind were you baking with? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sounds delicious. I mixed my dough using a dough mixer and only on the end used my hands a few times. Loved this. I have a cast iron pizza pan; I put that in the oven when I start to preheat and set the pie pan on that; guaranteed crisp crust on the bottom, I’ve long suspected that the solution to fruit pie soggy bottom is to blind bake, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do so with a double crusted pie. what did I do wrong?I may try again with less apples, and not use all the liquid, and 4T tapioca. Would it work for this recipe? And Jacob keeps getting more adorable, if that’s even possible. The liquid in the pie is bubbling at 120 minutes but there is only liquid in the bottom of the pie, under the Gloucesterina(TM)-dry-scorched layer of apples. Other Moms told me it would pass, but I secretly didn’t believe them. Delish! I have made numerous crisp and crumble recipes (including your apricot crisp, which I make whenever I can find good apricots), but a whole stick of butter sound like a lot compared to other recipes. Oh my! And the pear and apple crisp looks good too.. Sounds pretty much like my favourite apple pie. Due to moving [and not having all the ingredients] I did have to make a couple of changes. I am sure it’s worth all the breakfast efforts! I’ve been making my granola in the slow cooker (with the top off) because when I notice that it smells delicious and think to stir it, it has not burst into flames. I baked mine on the middle rack for 45 min at the suggested temp. This week has been so reminiscent of the early days after she was first born: eat sleep work work eat sleep work work eat eat sleep work work. Delicious! Oh I made this pie for Thanksgiving as I wanted a slam dunk of a pie and was sold when I saw all the spices in the recipe and that it didn’t have a ton of sugar in it. Also, belated congratulations on your beautiful baby. I am due in December and am so inspired by your attitude and your cooking. I found the apples were more tender going in to the oven, because they had released their juices (which I spooned some on top before second crust), by bottom crust was not soggy, the pies released from the tart pans easily, they tasted great and were so cute. You inspired me to break away from my tried and true Joy of Cooking recipe AND to make my very first lattice crust- Huzzah! I ran accross you when I was looking for a kugel recipe – but since I am only half jewish I was wholly daunted by your recipe – I think the ones we had were all savory (like lipton onion soup and spinach savory) – sounds groce but they were good or at least they were when I was 10 – have you ever done a salty kugel like that? You know what? It’s got sour cream folded into the fruit and has a generous crumb topping. I keep telling myself there will be time to sleep when I’m in the nursing home! We have a heritage orchard and choose our favorite flavorful apples and were only slightly disappointed. Congrats congrats congrats! I just made this for breakfast in the morning. Yum. But that pie is 12 years old — that pie recipe would be IN MIDDLE SCHOOL right now — it’s okay if it’s not the same person it was in its toddler years and no I’m not projecting, you’re projecting, this is about pie, okay? So many delicious things about this post! Forget the lovely pics of the food!!! ;) That apple clocked in at 1.5 pounds! The only change I made was to add alittle extra oats and about a 1/4 cup of maple syrup. Nobody wants a one-note pie. Second, you want to keep the dough cold, cold, cold. : ). I baked the crisp covered for 30 minutes and then uncovered and checked it every 5 minutes in hopes that it wouldn’t get too brown. I’ve nearly gone through my entire hidden stash of coffee (I forgot how coffeemate makes a cup of cheap coffee sing). I used only 60% of the amount you recommend and it just wasn’t enough. Turned out really well. If you want it to be even more perfect, add 2 teaspoons vanilla. I followed the recipe pretty closely, but omitted the almonds because I didn’t have any. Waah! I packed the apples into the pie dish as tightly as I could, so they weren’t too heaped up (I also used a 9.5″ pie plate), and poured the reduced liquid over the fruit before doing a lattice top crust. He looks already DIFFERENT to me – that he does! I couldn’t be bothered to peel the apples and I only had cashews on hand but I kept everything else the same and it was a huge hit for the whole family. You must be so proud. At 250? Third time making this today. Followed the recipe, no problems with the crust or apples. BEST.PIE.EVER.BEST.CRUST.EVER. Breakfast for the week sorted. Without the lemon juice, how do the apples not brown before baking? In your experience, does working with apples out of the fridge have an effect in this recipe? HA! Some apples have it as a flavor component, so if you like it.. you might want to emphasize it a bit. Baby Jacob is such a beautiful baby… I wouldn’t complain about lack of sleep, either! Deb, Would you defrost them ahead of time before making the filling? Mar 4, 2012 - As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day. You rock. Cooked the pie for around 95 minutes to reach 195 degrees. Or regular oats? He is so beautiful!!. Also, to Steph @ comment 295? And yes salted butter caramel is ok for breakfast!!! But not NEARLY as perfect as that “certain someone” commanding your attention! I made quick brown rice pudding for breakfast with almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup. But Deb, Stella says to macerate for 3 hours and then to chill the crust after shaping for 2… Should that be done or does it not matter? Looking forward to the leftovers for breakfast! And just to let you know about the circle of life, my little daughter who is now 4.5 helped me make the crisp. I feel like the flavor profile is different, but if you don’t mind the brightness, go for it. Yummy! Your little guy looks so cute, wayyy cuter than the apple, lol. I would re-warm ten minutes in a 325 oven to avoid soggy crust. The lattice top remained while the apples compressed leaving a weird open tent. I made it this morning, but scaled it way down. Can we talk about how this pie is perfection? I think crisp and yogurt is an excellent idea! So I appreciated reading about your days with this recipe during your early days with your son, I could really relate. I just made this and it looks delicious. I guess I get to see what happens next…. The topping is hearty, like oatmeal without the “glop”. It is still a bit darker than I would like, so maybe next time I will try 350, but there will definitely be a next time. I’m assuming so? My favorite pie apple is Braeburn. And if you give a thumbs-up to freezing, before or after baking? Had dinner guests last night so I made this pie. 3 and 5 year old daughters enthusiastically approved! From Deb’s recipe, I used the full 3/4 cup water which brought the butter-to-water ratio much closer to even than what KA recommends. I am so excited for this recipe – I have been wishing for a fall appropriate, but light crumble like dish. And, um, is it still breakfast if you add ice cream? I see one in a photo but you don’t mention it in the recipe. This is more a guide than a recipe, allowing you plenty of leeway to make this slow-cooking crisp your own. I had to bake it at 375 because the granola started burning 10 minutes in but 50 minutes later I took it out of the oven and it was perfect! Let the pies cool completely, even in the fridge overnight. Thanks for posting this scrumptious looking recipe, and thanks for sharing your adorable little boy with us! I use more apples and I cut them thinner: One of the most frustrating things that happens when you make a pie is that you put in what seems like a massive amount of fresh fruit but after it slumps, shrinks, and nestles in as it bakes, you’re left with a very flat, if not concave, pie. Almost like an Anne Geddes photograph!! Like a leather pencil skirt ;). I just made it, again….. my kids and us, adults LOVE it for breakfast, after school snack, desert (with ice cream)…. One year I had a bushel of grimes apples.. made one pie after another and they all disappeared. Will definitely make again. I don’t know what to stare at more—the deep dish-ness of this pie or that FLAKY pie crust! I am such a fan of apple dishes that aren’t too sweet, I love just the apple flavor! IT WAS A HIT – one said it was better than his mothers! You might not read down this far but I made apple/pear crisp for breakfasts last week and I didn’t have time to peel the fruit and it was great. Ran out of Grimes and used golden delicious.. that pie hung around for ever. how you managed to make apples peels look completely beautiful, I don’t know. I would love to make it for our Sunday birthday brunch, but wonder if there are some parts I can do beforehand (Saturday night)? I macerated the apples about 2 hours and there was a lot of juice. I do use tapioca as a sprinkle in on the bottom crust to help keep it from getting soggy. I LOVE your original apple pie recipe and have shared it numerous times…can’t wait to try this one. Made it this morning and couldn’t wait for it to cool down. Amazing recipe. You know, now after the baby, I immediately scroll to the bottom of the page to look at the baby pic first, then and only then will I go back up and actually read your post. I am never disappointed when I try a SK recipe. omg, Deb, looks delicious. So, it’s just 6 month behind/ahead reminders. Thanks. Deb – did you mean to have the same intro (today’s email) for the crisp and the scones? I think it’s because it reminds me of my Grandma. You want to add water until you get the dough to just come together. I often find that pies don’t have enough fruit in them and you find a gap between filling and lid, but that’s not an accusation I could level at this wondrous pie. Thanks so much to anyone who can sort me out! I always use Martha Stewart’s pie crust recipe, and Deb’s is exactly same ingredient wise except Martha’s is made in the food processor. Required fields are marked *. Love this recipe – one to try on the weekend. When you place the pie on the sheet, it is immediately sealed from the heat. I’m not a breakfast eater. What a great pic with Jacob and the apple! and on the fact that you’ve managed to keep posting…thanks for sharing your yummy recipes!! Thank you for introducing me to the concept of a breakfast crisp! Anything in Stella’s book is stellar. Oh, and I forgot the egg wash and sugar. Passing this page on to friends while I move on to the ruffled milk pie recipe. Thanks … Many of your recipes have become staples in our house, btw! =). Apple. Is this step necessary? oh my, lady. I made this pie before, and it didn’t turn out that great. I don’t mind partially burned granola, myself, but I’m strange like that. The pie was a super-impressive-looking tower, but it did have a gap under the crust when I cut it. I think it was 11th street. And amazingly delicious. Feb 25, 2018 - As excited as I am to be — slowly, tentatively — back in the kitchen, I seem to be stuck at the beginning, or at least the beginning of the day.