World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy Weak Spots |Frontal View| For a tank this massive it would be a disappointment for it to have bad frontal armor. My Thoughts on Object 274A | New Maps + Supertest News, WoT’s New!? WoT’s New!?! . WoT’s New!? Terrible side armor, weird angles on the front that prevent angling your armor and gold rounds that turn it to butter. The only true weaknesses that I've dealt with outside of gold rounds are fast tanks and open maps. Played this tank for about 75 battles and today I just had to sell it. KAMPFPANZER 50 T (Tank Review) || World of Tanks: Valor - … every tank has an engine, gun, tracks, gunner, driver, etc. Weak Spot Guide: M6A2E1. WoT’s New!?! There is really no need to have the tank this shit. Armor - One of the most heavily armored tanks in the game with no frontal weak spots (Hull: F 270, S 160, R 150; Turret: F 280, S 210, R 200). Weak Spot Guide: Type 5 Heavy - WoT Guru. Which Japanese Tank Line is Right for You? Open maps are just the bane of the Type 4's existence. Most do, and being how stupid this tank is made most should be using prem to fight it too so you can't blame them. I know people are gonna hate me for this opinion (because whenever I post anything about liking the Japanese heavies, it gets a torrent of downvotes), but I have genuine fun with most of them. Press J to jump to the feed. Official website. High-rolling for 750 is great fun, too. weak spot definition: 1. a weak part in something: 2. a weak part in something: . 5 years ago | 0 view. 2 + 4 = 1. Which British Tank Line is Right for You? Only some very vague sources even hint at the possible existence of the tank, and as the information is incredibly limited, it currently impossible to tell whether the Type 4/5 super-heavy tanks … | Supertest News. While the accuracy is largely improved over the T32, it is still far from that of German and British heavies, so allow the to gun aim fully for the best chance of hitting enemy weak spots. Weak spots are specific areas of a tank that can be penetrated more easily than other areas where the armor is thicker and/or sloped. These weak spot guides here on WoT Guru go into great detail specific weak spots that take into account effective armor values and unlike other places will list weak spots based on both vertical/horizontal angles on armor to get a true value of the armor’s effectiveness. Should Matchmaking & Balancing Be Revamped? In tree or star topology, internal nodes - and especially the backbone, as the root node - represent the key weak spot, or Single Point of Failure (SPoF): If it fails, many lines will no longer be available. Anything I am missing detail wise? And the premium rounds don't cry when they see sloped armor, because they're another flavour of AP. Name/Alias. It's an awful tank, and it would not surprise me if that win rate could easily have been 38%. Even when unangled, Type 5 Heavy is almost immune to every standard AP ammunition (except tier 10 TDs)! Plus Supertest News! We've found 62 phrases and idioms matching weak spot. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,,9,10/type/3/nation/7/sort/blocked_damage.desc/. Browse more videos. Toy Spot - Mattel DC Multiverse New 52 Doomsday Wave Superman Doomed Figure-kV. If you purchase a product after clicking an affiliate link, I receive a small percentage of the sale for referring you, at no extra cost to you. IS-7 and IS-4 Weak Spot Guides - posted in Heavy Tanks: Posted some weak spot guides over on my blog. I'm not playing WoT anymore, please send your wishes and bug reports to IS-7 Tank Analyzer. Is the tier 10 any hood? I remember when jingles previewd the tank in a 9.10 test server video. Apr 16, 2018 - This guide provides World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy weak spots by breaking down the tank into key areas and providing effective armor values for the entire tank. The prem ammo despite more pen doesn't feel any better than regular ammo for some reason. - Gargantuan HP pool of 2900, 2nd highest in the entire game. VI plays similarly to the VK 36.01 (H). Which Czechoslovakian Tank Line is Right For You? Obj 140, E-50M, 121 BUFFS | Equipment Tips | WoT 10 Year Anniversary, WoT’s New?! Rest in Peace Levi “Rocket” Menz a.k.a My Little Buddy | Plus Other Happenings in WoT; WoT’s New!? Pros: Cons: Excellent slope on the front; Spaced armor on the sides; Most of the time the weak lower hull can be bouncy, bouncing other tier 10 rounds. It has the armor to allow it to withstand a beating from the majority of tanks the Type 5 Heavy faces. I get WG makes some tanks in the grind bad intentionally to encourage use of free XP but this is just something else. World of Tanks is a PvP MMO game created by international game developer Wargaming. yes, i hated it with all my soul, yet you can do the blocked damage mission easy and i finished the grind with 2.8k avg dmg. 1.10.1 Patch Recap – Halloween & Ranked Battle Info – And Supertest News! The Type 5 is even worse for me. Some links on WoT Guru are affiliate links. If you're on your way to this tank, reconsider now and get out while you can. Weak spot definition: some aspect of a character or situation that is susceptible to criticism | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Weak points of Type 4 Heavy. Which Chinese Tank Line is Right for You? Find more ways to say weak spot, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Weak Spot Guides. Weak Spot Guide: Type 4 Heavy. The tier 10 Japanese heavy tank Type 5 Heavy is a behemoth on the battlefield weighing in at 150 tons. The O-Ho is much better. Disgusting DPM. World of Tanks PC, Blitz and Console. Thank you so much for your continued support! 1940 dpg and 62% win rate over 206 matches. Type 4, also known as Type 2604 or as Type 4 O-Ro ("second super-heavy"), was a mysterious super-heavy tank that was supposedly developed by Imperial Japanese Army during the World War 2. | Removal of Demount Kits & Italian Supertest Updates. Playing next. This is a subreddit where we share WoT news, strategy tips, tank choices, and opinions. - Has very tough side armor, making it much more effective at sidescraping compared to other Japanese heavies. - visualize game mechanics and models. Whether it was built, partially built or if it even existed is current unknown. Today Tilith of the NA server is going to show you the raw power of the T9 Japanese heavy tank the Type 4 Heavy. We're Redditors with a passion for gaming, tanks, and everything in between! Premium ammo will frequently bounce as well (with exception of the highest pen TD guns in the game). Report. Article from Your armor only works against those brave souls that doesn't believe in using prem ammo. Apr 16, 2018 - This guide provides World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy weak spots by breaking down the tank into key areas and providing effective armor values for the entire tank I'm grinding it at the moment, and I don't think it's that bad. And best till last, if you actually make it to the battle and start facing off with other heavies guess what! Weak Spot Guide: KV-4 - posted in Heavy Tanks: The tier 8 Russian heavy tank KV-4 is massive at tier 8 in weight, size, and its overall armor protection. The Type 5, also known as the Type 2605, was one of the variants of the O-I superheavy tank, developed during World War II. How does it compare to the O-Ho? We have a number of affiliated clans on the NA, EU, and ASIA servers for all levels of game experience. The short reload-time allows this tank to comfortably trade fire with most mediums of the same tier. The below image is purely for illustration purposes only as every tank is different but do share common modules and crew i.e. Hey guys, here's a new video about the Chinese T10 heavy, enjoy! . The Type 4 doesn’t disappoint by having very few locations that fall below 250mm effectiveness. The Object 705A packs an impressive front, side, and angled armor profile into a streamlined design.. By this statement, CABRA is in big trouble. That's hardly enough games to judge a tank by WR. Its listed values of 180mm/150mm/90mm for its hull and 180mm/150mm/140mm for its turret make it out to be a difficult opponent to penetrate and this thought it only partially true. Even with the awful speed, I can usually manage to stay with other top tier heavies. Weak spots of tanks - skins For World of tanks Section: Skins and Hitzones (Weak Spot) For World of Tanks 1.3 Updated: 13.02.2018 If during the fight you have problems due to ignorance of the weak points of tanks, recommend you to download these skins. Update 1.10.1 Secrets & is the Waffentrager Really Returning? New Equipment Ideas + Whats Going On? Rate it: (5.00 / 1 vote) bring it weak: To fail to accomplish an accomplishable task or to make an attempt at less than maximum effort; to "half-ass" or "fake the funk". Have you tried rolling this tank down an embankment on top of opposing tanks? Cripplingly slow, you will often die before you even reach the battle as you will get spotted in the open and rekt by artillery and meds (spall liner does not help at all) Terrible gun handling, expect to miss shots that really shouldn't. Weak-spot Guide: KV-4. Also 1940 DPG is seriously impressive for this tank. The Object 705A is a difficult foe to penetrate in any tank given the lack of weak spots. Your alpha is great but as you said good luck hitting anything that's not close. The LSH #1 area should be avoided unless the angle drops to 45° or below. WoT’s New!?! That 300mm+ pen gold round they just used against you? Clan Wars: Tank Roles & Which One is Right for You, Clan Wars: Heavy Tank Roles & Which One is Right for You, Clan Wars: Medium Tank Roles & Which One is Right for You, Clan Wars: SPG Roles & Which One is Right for You, Clan Wars: Tank Destroyer Roles & Which One is Right for You. -weak ammorack behind the sided panels worth of 200mm effective armor. Would the spall liner and rations combo be a good idea on the type 5 too? WoT’s New!? Carrying hard getting 10,000 Damage. My Thoughts on Object 274A | New Maps + Supertest News; WoT’s New!? This guide discusses "weak spots" in World of Tanks (WoT). Credits doesn't matter as I'll never drive that thing often. Update 1.11 Details | Possible Nov Marathon + Holiday Ops Tanks?? Look at and you'll see that there are actually bigger blocked damaged games in the O-Ho than the higher tier Japanese heavies:,9,10/type/3/nation/7/sort/blocked_damage.desc/. I'm about 10 games from the Type 4 and I've enjoyed the O-Ho very well during my time with it. Enjoy an age long reload. A few special features of the Type 4 Heavy. Je le joue au 14 cm plus simple a jouer avec. - Weak turret roof armor, only 25mm thick - One less crewmember that the other Japanese heavies, limits its usefullness as a crewtrainer Performance. Has Wargaming Ruined Loot Boxes For World of Tanks? The reason this tank sucks so bad is due to premium rounds negating armor just like they do on every heavy tank. Learn more. Large, tough, and surprisingly effective, the Heavy Tank No. I didnt want to over analyze in these and figured that color coding and breaking spots down into areas would help the general player looking to learn where to shoot. 10 Year Anniversary Event Possibilities & SuperTest Update, How Video Games Helped Me Overcome Severe Anxiety. Missed that fully aimed shot at point blank? -your front armor is 250mm unangled, thanks to the wonders of rng most t8 can pen you with luck, ofc if anyone loads gold is mostly autopen(unless is an idiot and hits the spaced armor protecting the tracks). LSH #1/LSH #2. WoT Guru RSS Feed. - Very frontal armor with rather small weakspots that are resistant against most low tier vehicles. World of Tanks weak spots can be difficult to learn and very time consuming. Which American Tank Line is Right for You? With a rear turreted design it can side-scrape effectively, while retaining impressive armor values. WoT’s New?! No News!?! This means you're arty's favorite toy, so any match with arty is probably going to be pure hell for you. Worse than the worst tier 4s and it makes the FV4005 look good! You can start by selecting your vehicle to analyze here. It's painfully slow so sucks any sort of fun right out the window. WoT’s New?! Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe too! 0:40. The USH #2 however remains very difficult to damage and should be avoided. WoT 1.11 Test Server Date | T42 Premium Marathon? (not that it matter cus I sold the 9, just curious). CS-52 LIS Review & Is It The Best Tier 8 Medium? WoT’s New!? I was wrong. Anyone else had a similar experience? I somehow ended up doing okay in it. I consider a good game anything that isn't zero damage. weak spot définition, signification, ce qu'est weak spot: 1. a weak part in something: 2. a weak part in something: . Draven Charley. Honestly, with a bit of armor wiggling and rocking the tank back and forth, I can easily block 4000+ a game. 27.12.2016 13:21:39. I did not feel like I was carrying. - Unlike Type 4 Heavy, hull cheeks are no longer a weakspot, which further improves Type 5's ability to angle its armor, especially when co… Article from This tank is the punishment of the O-I drivers' sins. Missed that fully aimed shot at point blank? I mean with the new physics you can roll this tank down a hill and mow down anything coming up the hill. As the IS-4 angles the USH #1 actually becomes weaker and becomes the easiest weak spot to hit since the LFG’s armor values rise. Vehicles of the same type and tier; Vehicles of the same tier; Clan War Mode Only tier 10 tanks and tier 8 SPGs are selected. Gold rounds are annoying to deal with, but there's the occasional lucky bounce. Orange - commander, gunner, loader Red - engine, fuel, transmission Green - vulnerable zones White - ammo rack Blue - driver Add your comment. Purchasing through affiliate links is an easy, painless way to help out your favorite bloggers. No cover, and there are always maneuverable tanks just waiting to get shots in from god knows where else in the map. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the WorldofTanks community. It contains all the vulnerabilities and weaknesses of the iron tank monsters. Come join the conversation! I call it the Sushi Roll Maneuver. Follow. Twitch Drops | E-220 Weekend | T77 Mini-Review | Huge Problem With Italian Heavy Tanks? The weakest area on the front is located on the cupola. - Topic Quel canon type 4 heavy du 12-09-2019 10:20:23 sur les forums de WoT’s New!?! WoT’s New!?! Unless they keep moving, we can work as a group to shred anything in our path. 1 2 3 … 14 » Follow on Facebook. WoT’s New!?!? Here is a list of common weak spots across tanks: The cupola, which is the hatch on top of the turret… 15 games and 37% WR :(. The vehicle was planned to be used for … Rest in Peace Levi “Rocket” Menz a.k.a My Little Buddy | Plus Other Happenings in WoT, WoT’s New!? Which Italian Tank Line is Right for You? I grinded through it and hated 99% of games I played. Send comment... Not necessarily weak spots, just modules. Understanding a tanks layout and weak spots / hit zones will assist any player in being a more effective combatant, and also improve the operational state of your tank and the safety of your crew. World of Tanks Type 4 Heavy - 11 Kills 8,1K Damage (1 VS 7) - Duration: 14:39. Penetrating it from the front with standard ammunition is practically impossible. Even on city maps, I can use my bulk to prevent mediums getting around (think the alley on Himmelsdorf). En savoir plus. You can't angle since that just reveals weak spots, you just have to watch yourself getting auto penned until you're back in the garage. Sort:Relevancy A - Z. weak tea: Used other than as an idiom: see weak, tea. This guide for World of Tanks Object […], Copyright - World of Tanks Guru 2011-2015 | All images, videos, and content of World of Tanks is used with express written permission by Phrases related to: weak spot Yee yee! & SuperTest News. Laundry Room Edition | Gamescom | Steel Hunter Favorite Tank, WoT’s New!?! Another word for weak spot. It was the last video by Jingles i ever saw, at that point it was pretty much clear that the guy has no clue of what WoT is nowadays and almost everything he says about a tank is completely detached from the reality. objectively , it's the worst tier 9 heavy. This guide for World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy weak spots will break down the tank into areas based on effective armor values. Labor Day Specials – Battle Pass V3 – New Superest Tanks. Yeah thats pretty much how I feel about it. Weak Spot Guide: Type 5 Heavy - WoT Guru. :) You cant return the favor, your gold around is only 280 pen. I've played hundreds of tanks in this game and this one is by far the worst imo. Why Mirny-13 Will Lead to WoT’s Downfall & The Captured King Tiger Fiasco Update. I don't even know why people play them. Thought Id link them over to here to here some input and to see what others think of them. Which Swedish Tank Line is Right for You. Which Russian Tank Line is Right for You? WoT’s New!? -if you are rich you can use superheavy spall and rations to decrease the chances of dead crewmembers while increasing the bad performance of the gun, dont worry, it wont be much slower than it is. Message. November Tier 8 Tank Marathon Leaked? WoT’s New!? The gun has an awful reload, but the alpha is always satisfying. Of course the even better thing than getting prem spammed is being the biggest tank in the game while also being painfully slow. A few special features of the Type 4 Heavy, Cripplingly slow, you will often die before you even reach the battle as you will get spotted in the open and rekt by artillery and meds (spall liner does not help at all), Terrible gun handling, expect to miss shots that really shouldn't, Disgusting DPM. Weak Spot Guides. Apr 16, 2018 - This guide provides World of Tanks Type 5 Heavy weak spots by breaking down the tank into key areas and providing effective armor values for the entire tank. There is a thin strip that runs through the cupola that at its weakest is 200mm effective. Update 1.10.1 Incoming! WoT’s New?! Weak-spot Guide: KV-4. 14:39. Lacho WoT Replays 14,136 views. Enjoy an age long reload, Armor that is useless.